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BIONX D 500 DVD - 500W

500 Watt/45 km/h,48V/11,6 Ah/555Wh, RC3 & RS3
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BIONX Retrofit Kit D 500 DVD - 500W / 45km / h - 48 V / 11.6 Ah / 555 Wh

A masterpiece of a special kind: BionX sets new standards in the world of retrofitting systems again! Whether it is extended journeys over hills and forests or UpHill routes with up to 25% gradient, the new 11.6 Ah and 555 Wh strong frame akku from BionX convince in every situation. With a very light weight of 7.8 kilograms, this rear-wheel drive is the market leader in the field of retrofit systems. The new BionX D-Series engine delivers 250% higher power for the ultimate off-road performance and allows for a sensational range of up to 150 km.

A comfortable extra: the special spoke length leads to a pleasant driving behavior and ensures a more vertical flex, which is particularly advantageous in the rough terrain.

Following the slogan "slim, sleek and powerful", the goal was to develop an engine for the e-MTB market - the fastest growing segment in the pedelec and bicycle market.

The new look allowed the engineering team to look beyond the box and to create great technical solutions that drive the BionX DNA of the noise- and vibration-free engines with generator mode / regenerative braking and the tried and tested kicking force sensors. The D-Series engine is lightweight, very sporty and powerful, while remaining faithful to the BionX principle, which means that a pedelec should always be a normal bicycle, "says Werner Schiller, Sales & Marketing Director, BionX International .


With the introduction of the D-Series engine, BionX has implemented many new technical features:

ITS (Increased Tangential Speed) By increasing the motor diameter, the magnetic components move with a higher tangential / peripheral speed.

MCR (Magnetic Component Reduction) Increasing the motor diameter requires less electrical force to produce torque. This makes it possible to build a lighter engine. Both ITS and MCR represent a significant contribution to the 250% higher continuous output.

NSC (Non Structural Cover) A non-dynamic design allows the use of extralight motor housings with an extremely narrow profile. This results in a weight of only 3.9 kg.

STC (Spoke To Center) The spokes of the D-Series engine are located in the center of the engine, allowing a more dynamic impeller with more flex in the vertical direction. This gives the sporty oriented rider more comfort, more grip and more traction on the trail. With a maximum torque of 50Nm and a nominal torque of 25Nm, the D-Series engine is aimed at the sporty on- and off-road driver who wants high performance and modern design in one product.

Connector (battery motor), all battery bars and motors have a new connector between battery and drive for a watertight and robust connection

RC3 Controller - the new BionX RC3 controller combines the operating module, display and the classic BionX sliding aid.

DS3 Display - the new BionX DS3 display - elegant design combined with the latest functionality.

36 months warranty: The complete system is registered before delivery to the desired name. This extends the conventional warranty by 12 months.


  • Proportional support - 4 support levels ensure a gentle, harmonious driving feeling.
  • Generator mode / Regenerative braking - for additional brake support and increased range.
  • Noiseless and vibration-free - so that your bike stays a bike.
  • Very high torque - for more fun on the mountains

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