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  • 22t-rohloff-spline-cdx-exp-angle-1-centertrack-gates-carbon-drive
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  • 22t-rohloff-spline-cdx-exp-face-1-centertrack-gates-carbon-drive

22T Rohloff spline CDX:EP

Unieke code:CDXR22ROS
CDX Rohloff Splined
85,26 €
Bedrag BTW 14,80 €


System: CDX Rohloff Splined
Type: Rear Sprocket
Interface: Rohloff Speedhub
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver

Note: The sprockets can only be mounted on a Rohloff stiffness test approved frame. The Rohloff-Carrier is necessary to mount CDX Rohloff sprockets and may be ordered at Rohloff. Furthermore the use of a snubber wheel for the Gates-Rohloff combination is also required.

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